Welcome to Vivat Heritage. We are a group of historians, heritage professionals and media experts who have come together to provide something different for the commercial heritage sector. Between us, we’ve unrivalled experience in undertaking research for a wide range of buildings and sites from all periods of history – from historic stately houses to domestic homes, as well as industrial and ecclesiastical structures. We’re also experts in assessing the significance of architectural features, as well as placing every building in its proper historical, social and economic context.

We can provide a wide range of reports in a format to suit your professional needs, from formal heritage statements, area character assessments, chronological and narrative site histories, or architectural appraisals – all illustrated with images and (where appropriate) scale drawings and floor plans, incorporating original documentation from archives, museums and libraries. Perhaps uniquely, we have a film and media unit, adept at creating bespoke multimedia packages for our clients, including promotional films, web content or mini-TV shows for streaming online. You may also recognize some of us from our professional work onscreen, which allows us to ‘present’ segments and put our clients at ease.

In terms of geographical coverage, we’ve a network of accredited experts across the UK. Furthermore, our connections in the world of media and academia, as well as the organizations we’ve worked with in the past, means that we can find a professional to help solve any problem you may have. We like to be challenged!

Our name – Vivat – comes from the Latin ‘let it live’ and was carefully chosen because it sums up our attitude as a group. We’re passionate about history and heritage, and we want to help you bring the past to life for your clients, visitors and colleagues. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, but we also like to be innovative, and provide heritage solutions fit for the 21st century. Please feel free to drop us an email to find out more about what we could do for you, and we’ll be only too happy to send you some samples of our work, or provide a free quote for our services.