What We Do

We have developed various products and services to suit the requirements of a wide range of property and heritage professionals.

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Historical Research

Our experts can conduct detailed and comprehensive research in archives, museums, libraries and other repositories to put together a range of reports that consider the construction history of a property; the social and historical context of a building, place or community; and biographies of key owners and occupiers. We also compile heritage appraisal reports for structures awaiting restoration or renovation.

For example, we work with real estate agents who want to provide their clients with a compelling marketing strategy for prestigious properties, adding value to the sale price whilst making it more attractive to discerning purchasers who wish to own a piece of history.

Architectural Analysis

Architectural Analysis

Our architectural historians can analyse buildings and prepare illustrated reports, assigning construction dates, structural evolution and internal space usage alongside floor plans and build phase diagrams.

We particularly specialise in the analysis of single listed buildings or entire conservation areas, covering all property types from all periods and including secular, ecclesiastical and industrial property. We work with a wide client base – architects, property developers, planners, heritage consultants, estate agents, surveyors and homeowners.

Film and Multimedia

Film and Multimedia

We offer a unique service for property developers, and owners of historic buildings and heritage sites, that want to create a bespoke film about a restoration or renovation project, or simply to showcase the finest aspects of the property for promotional purposes.

We can film all stages of a restoration or development project, starting with the inception of an idea on the drawing board; looking around the building before work begins; ‘dropping in’ on key stages of the project and then a walk-through of the finished redevelopment. The broadcast quality film can be used for marketing purposes to attract new clients, it can be uploaded to your website, or form part of the restoration package for your client.

Heritage and Tourism Consultancy

Heritage And Tourism

We can provide a range of services for organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage, Historic Towns Forum and Historic Houses Association (and all their members) to develop promotional and public engagement strategies. We particularly specialise in creating tourism opportunities, animating historic archives or creating new resources onsite – a research centre as part of a visitor experience, for example, aimed at ancestral tourists.

We can also create strategy for social media, marketing and general promotional purposes, building innovative web platforms and apps, as well as the integration of QR codes and NFC tags into visitor attractions for properties open to the public.

Domestic Property

House Detectives

If you are looking to research the history of a smaller property – a domestic house, for example – why not visit our sister site, House Detectives.